Why the Cat's Trapeze

The Cat’s Trapeze is an exciting playing, romping and sleeping place for young and active cats. The trapeze has been developed specifically to challenge energetic cats. They can jump, climb and revel in it. Here, cats can lose their energy optimally: movement, balance, excitement, speed, height! The trapeze gives the same experience as climbing curtains.

Cats create trajectories through their homes. Sometimes they rave trough the living room, over sofas and in curtains. If you buy a young cat and expose him/her to the Cat’s Trapeze immediately, your furniture will be left alone; the trapeze poses the challenge which the cat needs.

Also more quiet cats enjoy the trapeze: high above everything they can sleep on one of the cushions or they may hide in the hammock silently.

The Cat’s Trapeze is built of extremely strong materials and has a durable quality. One trapeze can withstand 1 to 6 cats. The maximum load is 25 kg.

Because of its natural colouring, the Cat’s Trapeze fits in every interior and it doesn’t need a lot of space.

The Cat’s Trapeze in short:

  • Imitates the experience of climbing curtains.
  • Challenges scats which are bored.
  • Activates and creates curiosity for lazy cats.
  • Offers the ideal place for sleeping.
  • Easy to attach to the ceiling, wall or door.
  • Straight forward to keep neat and clean.
  • Sturdy materials specifically selected for sharp cat’s nails.
  • Fits in every interior.
  • Prevents damage to your furnishing.

The Cat’s Trapeze has been recommended by the Dutch Consultancy Bureau for Cat’s Behaviour.