Practical info

Suspending methods

You can attach the Cat’s Trapeze to a sturdy hook in the ceiling, using a plug for concrete. Attach a firm piece of (sisal) rope to the hook and attach the other end at the trapeze’s tiers. When leaving redundant rope hanging from the hook, it becomes an extra toy for the cat on the highest pillow.

The trapeze can also be attached to a wall with a sturdy hook, or with a decorative wooden or steel hook. Attaching a trapeze with a hook to a door is also a possibility.

An alternative place is under an open stairs at a higher stair step or at a scratching post.

In total the trapeze doesn’t take more space than a plant if connected to the ceiling or a painting when connected to the wall.

Filling of the inner slipcover

The covers can be filled with old newspapers. Fill the covers and divide the paper until it is full and sturdy. If during the course of time, the trapeze becomes flabby or an accident happens, simply throw away the filling and refill. This is environmental friendly and saves costs of cushions.

Possible fillings in short:

  • Old newspapers
  • Your own old cushions
  • Old cloth, e.g. wadded coats or soft textile
  • Ikea cushions ‘Gosa Slan’.


Washing and cleaning

The Cat’s Trapeze can be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner. After you have removed the inner cushions, you can wash the cotton slipcover as often as you like in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius.

We recommend not to use centrifugation. Simply straighten the wet slipcover and hang it for drying immediately. After centrifugation you at least need to iron to remove creases.

Follow the instructions of the inner cushions for washing when you use them, e.g. using a wool program or even a hand wash.

The trapeze is made of natural materials: cotton or jute. These fabrics have been selected specifically to withstand cat’s nails and they are very strong, as well as the used stitching. Cotton can be coloured in any scheme, using textile paint.

After hanging the trapeze, shake up the cushions for a good-looking result.

A silent cat

If your cat is more of the silent type and not exercising too much, you can hang the trapeze in a corner of the room. It merely removes the movement possibility. To get your cat used to the trapeze you can hang it low in such a way that the hammock touches the ground. In the pet shop you can buy attractant. By putting that to the cushions, cats feel attracted.


Some extra tips and tricks:

  • Try another place for the trapeze, where your cat has a good view, possibly in an outside cannel.
  • Play with our cat while he/she is in the trapeze, e.g. throw a mouse on one of the cushions.
  • Lower the trapeze so that the hammock is max 10 centimetres above the ground.
  • Make more interesting by putting something attractive, higher in the trapeze.
  • If close to a window, attach something to the trapeze that flutters in the wind.